1970s: Migraines, Other Headaches and Massaging Them Away

Kuwait/Illinois When I was very much younger, I had headaches. Bad headaches. Migraines! As a kid in grade school, I would sometimes have to go and sit in a darkened room and wait for it to pass. Aspirin and other analgesics didn’t help. Then, in high school, I saw a doctor who identified the worstContinue reading “1970s: Migraines, Other Headaches and Massaging Them Away”

1997: Losing Ed

Ed Norris died about 8:45 am on Thursday April 3rd 1997, a beautiful bright spring morning. I had been upstairs in the bathroom getting the water and towels ready for bathing Ed before going to work when his mother Miss Addie called loudly from his bedside in the living room. I scrambled down the stairsContinue reading “1997: Losing Ed”

1971: Sometimes I Just Get Myself into These Things …

November 1971 Cairo, Egypt I’d only been in Egypt a little over three months when I saw that the new Patriarch of Alexandria was going to be consecrated head of the Coptic Church, 117th successor to St Mark, gospel writer and head of the Christian Church in first century Egypt. So, of course I plannedContinue reading “1971: Sometimes I Just Get Myself into These Things …”

1950s: The Water is Hungry

Clarendon Hills, IL/Kuwait To say I’ve never been comfortable around water is an overstatement. I like it in a glass with ice or coming out of a shower head. And I do like being near a beach, hearing the waves, and feeling the breeze but actually being in the water? No, I don’t think so!Continue reading “1950s: The Water is Hungry”

1974 Sonia’s Marvelous Adventure

1974 Salmiya, Kuwait. The 1974 crop of English language teachers brought Sarah, Michelle and Sonia Briggs to Kuwait University’s College of Commerce in August 1974. Most of the Briggs were human. Sonia wasn’t. John Briggs joined the family a bit later in the year. Sonia was a long-haired collie. Absolutely beautiful, gentle, trusting and veryContinue reading “1974 Sonia’s Marvelous Adventure”

1971: How’re You Going to Get Home Again If You Don’t Know Where You Are?!

We landed in Cairo late in the afternoon on a steamy late August day in 1971. The new class of Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) Fellows was in Egypt. We were whisked through passport and customs and got on the American University in Cairo (AUC) bus and headed into the city to beContinue reading “1971: How’re You Going to Get Home Again If You Don’t Know Where You Are?!”

1985: Run Like You Want to Live

August 1985: Beirut, Lebanon The most recent Lebanese civil war, begun in 1975, seemed to be peetering out and my friend Abbas in Beirut and his sister Um Hassan, whom I looked out for in Kuwait, both thought it was a safe time to go to Beirut. So did I. It was over the EidContinue reading “1985: Run Like You Want to Live”

1950s: Playing in Peat & Prairie

1950s Clarendon Hills, Illinois The north side of our village in the 1950s was still largely undeveloped. We moved into the third house down from Chicago Avenue on the east side of Woodstock St. (a much stolen sign after the 1969 Woodstock festival) in the spring of 1950. The next house after ours was aContinue reading “1950s: Playing in Peat & Prairie”

1962: All Wrapped Up in a Cloud

1962/63 Clarendon Hills, Illinois My family always had a hard time getting to church on time. It was probably because one bathroom for seven people held up progress to the car. And partly because we took a leisurely approach to Sundays. So the Meinkes usually got to Community Presbyterian late, but not real late. IContinue reading “1962: All Wrapped Up in a Cloud”