1970s: Migraines, Other Headaches and Massaging Them Away

Kuwait/Illinois When I was very much younger, I had headaches. Bad headaches. Migraines! As a kid in grade school, I would sometimes have to go and sit in a darkened room and wait for it to pass. Aspirin and other analgesics didn’t help. Then, in high school, I saw a doctor who identified the worstContinue reading “1970s: Migraines, Other Headaches and Massaging Them Away”

1950s: The Water is Hungry

Clarendon Hills, IL/Kuwait To say I’ve never been comfortable around water is an overstatement. I like it in a glass with ice or coming out of a shower head. And I do like being near a beach, hearing the waves, and feeling the breeze but actually being in the water? No, I don’t think so!Continue reading “1950s: The Water is Hungry”

1974 Sonia’s Marvelous Adventure

1974 Salmiya, Kuwait. The 1974 crop of English language teachers brought Sarah, Michelle and Sonia Briggs to Kuwait University’s College of Commerce in August 1974. Most of the Briggs were human. Sonia wasn’t. John Briggs joined the family a bit later in the year. Sonia was a long-haired collie. Absolutely beautiful, gentle, trusting and veryContinue reading “1974 Sonia’s Marvelous Adventure”